Jun 22nd, 2013

Today's the day! Vices I Admire will be rocking the Stoney's stage at 12:45! Join us for a half-hour of bone shattering intensity and awkward inside jokes that only we will understand...See you there!! ... read more


Vices @ Westword Music Showcase!

Jun 22nd, 2013

Not gonna lie, it's gonna be hard for us to top our performance at the Westword Pre-Party last night at the Gothic Theatre. It was completely unbelievable! Here's how I see it though, if that was the Westword PRE-party, than what will happen today on the Stoney's stage at 12:45 will be LEGEN...........wait for it............DARY. It's time to get real! Vices hits the stage at ... read more

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